Past Activities

Social Prescribing Pilot Project

GP, would you like to offer a new service to your Older Patients with long term health conditions? Could some of your Greek and Turkish speaking Cypriot Patients clients benefit from a culturally sensitive service for 8 weeks? Then find out and make a referral to Hackney Cypriot Association.

For more information, you can read the Social Prescribing Flyer.

Take Care of the Pennies

This project has been funded by Lloyds TSB Foundation for England and Wales for a consortia of sixteen Hackney based grass roots charities, led by Hackney CVS. Hackney Cypriot Association is one of the partner organisations of this project.

You can find further information on the leaflets below:
TCotP English Leaflet
TCotP Greek Leaflet
TCotP Turkish Leaflet

The ‘Patates’ Art Project

Sumer Erek‘s project in collaboration and support by the HCA. The first meeting of this project with a group of volunteers was held on Monday the 19th January.