Those projects have been proven to enhance well-being, forge social and cultural connections between the Cypriot Turkish and Cypriot Greek community as well as the broader local community and organisations with similar ethos and socially inclusive objectives.

Through these events, we are also proud to create and facilitate intergenerational exchange.

IN-BETWEEN Lines and Words on the Wall

Art Project by: Sümer EreK

14th December 2019 – 24th February 2020, Monday–Friday 10:00–16:00

Recounting the layers of our lives, from one home to another, memories shape us and new land offers new dreams…

In collaboration with Cypriot artist Sümer Erek, Hackney Cypriot Association invites you to step into the stories of our regulars, their coffee moments, warm embraces and passionate debates, embedded in the walls. This continuous project tells the tales of home here and home there, in Cyprus, reflecting the ongoing transitions of life and community, how we adapt and become part of the space where we are…

“Sümer’s transnational contemporary art installations […] stem from participatory elements of the experience of migration and trauma, interlacing personal and local histories into social and universal narratives […] These experiences force the participants and the artist to confront memories that exist in an inactive state […]‘alchemizing’ dynamic emotions and experiences in the acts of listening, documenting and display.” Esra Plumer Bardak

The opening night had a great turn over of from our regulars as well as people beyond the Cypriot community. Those themes are themes that many individuals and communities connect with nowadays.

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